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Exterior hand wash, dried using warm filtered air and finessed with a soft drying towel to avoid any scratching. 

Wheels cleaned, dried and tires dressed

Starting at $39.99*

wash & wax

Exterior washed and dried (Exterior Wash)

Exterior decontaminated

Wheels cleaned, dried and tires Dressed

Exhaust tip(s) cleaned and polished

Paint protected for 2 to 3 months

Starting at $64.99*

Interior & Exterior Detail

Exterior washed and dried (Exterior Wash)

Wheels cleaned, dried and tires Dressed

Interior thoroughly vacuumed

Interior surfaces cleaned and wiped down

Glass cleaned inside and out

Starting at $114.99*


Waxedshine WPS (Wheel Protection System)

Temperature resistant formula

Makes cleaning off brake dust easier

Helps prevent brake dust from sticking and etching the surface

Chemical resistant 

Safe on all wheel finishes

DURABILITY – Up to 12 months

Starting at $249.99*

Waxedshine HSC Coating (high solid coating)

Entry level coating

High UV resistance

Chemical resistance

Fantastic beading & sheeting

Candy-like gloss when cured

DURABILITY – Up to 2 years

Starting at $699.99*

Waxedshine PPS (Paint Protection System)

Professional grade certified installer coating

Incredible gloss and thickness

Chemical resistance pH 3 to 13

Phenomenal water behavior

High UV resistant properties

DURABILITY – Up to 3 years with annual check up by certified installer

Starting at $849.99*

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